Cp Vêtement Blogue

CP Clothing official opening

After nursing for a few years, we worked in different departments such as psychiatry, geriatrics, surgery and now intensive care unit. Over the years, we have seen that being a health care provider is not only a question of « vocation » but also of know-how and knowledge.


What they forgot to tell us in school is that being a health care provider is also about going above and beyond every day to provide humane and quality care. It means putting your personal life on hold to offer comfort, gentleness and presence to others. To be a health care provider is to forget about hunger, to perform despite a full bladder, to forget about the lack of sleep, to study and to keep up to date with the latest developments.


To be a health care provider is to surpass yourself every day !


The last two years have been full of emotions and challenges of all kinds, so we wanted to make a difference and accompany caregivers in their challenges! Naturally, the uniform came to mind. What better way to make the uniform more functional, versatile, comfortable and up to the performance of professionals.


The uniform is not just a piece of clothing. A uniform is our working tool as well as evidence of our dedication and commitment to caring for others. A uniform underlines our professionalism and the accomplishment of daily feats.


We want to thank you for your efforts, your time and especially remind you that you make a difference in people’s life every day. We want to make a difference in your life and offer you the uniform that is as professional as you are !


We are proud to be health professionals!
Proud to be CP Clothing!